Issue #265  4/16/2024
AIPAD 2024 Show Catalogue Available Online

By Michael Diemar

The catalogue for The Photography Show 2024 is now ready. It has been uploaded to a dedicated page on the AIPAD website: https://shorturl.at/fhCMW.

The catalogue was edited and designed by The Classic Magazine and the idea was to produce something more than a standard fair catalogue, to create a buzz around the fair.

In addition to the full fair program, it also includes the editorial content listed below:
--Interview with Martijn van Pieterson – President of AIPAD.
--Interview with Lydia Melamed Johnson – Executive Director of AIPAD.
--The MUUS Collection. An Interview with Richard Grosbard, advisor to the MUUS Collection and Consulting Director of the Deborah Turbeville Archive, about the history of the MUUS Collection and the Deborah Turbeville exhibition at The Photography Show.
--The Photography Show - Rolling Back the Years. A brief history, as told by Stephen White, Deborah Bell, Terry Etherton, Michael Hoppen, Miyako Yoshinaga, Hans Rooseboom, Mattie Boom and Vince Aletti.
--Collecting Classic and Contemporary Photography: An Interview with Joe and Meghan Bose.
--Interview with Dan Solomon, discussing the Mary and Dan Solomon Collection, the Art of Collecting and the Joy of Philanthropy.
--Recent acquisitions: An Interview with Catherine McKinley, collector, author and curator.
--Recent acquisitions: An Interview with Vince Aletti, winner of the 2024 AIPAD Award and collector, author and curator.

Michael Diemar is a London-based collector and consultant. He is also editor-in-chief of The Classic, a new free magazine about classic photography. He is a long-time writer about the photography scene, writing extensively for several Scandinavian photography publications, as well as for the E-Photo Newsletter and I Photo Central.