Issue #256  3/2/2023
New Updates on I Photo Central Website

By Alex Novak

E-Commerce Buttons Added to website.
E-Commerce Buttons Added to website.

You might have noticed a few changes on the I Photo Central website, plus a lot of additional updates and additions to the Special Exhibits section of the website. We've also been making considerable updates and changes behind the scenes too.

First, we have added secure E-Commerce to I Photo Central so that you can now charge your credit cards directly through our website and it will be processed directly by Stripe on their servers. We never keep or even process your data on our servers. You can also make an offer on images, if they aren't in a sale. You can still call us if you want to pay by check or bank wire. That might save both of us some money. Please let us know if you encounter any issues. We are here to help.

Packing and Fed Ex ground shipping within the Continental U.S. is normally free on unframed photographs (free media mail on books shipped within the Continental U.S.). We are currently only charging sales tax on sales made and delivered to Pennsylvania addresses, but you may be required to pay a state use tax on your purchases in some other states, or VAT/Customs duties in other countries. Check with your accountant. Depending on our annual sales, we might later be required to charge sales tax within a particular state during a calendar year. This would be reflected on your bill, if it were necessary, prior to your final approval, as is any shipping/packing charge (for non-U.S. or for larger framed pieces that required special crating/packing). We always try to charge only our costs (or sometimes even less). So even if you are an international customer, we try our best to keep your costs down as much as possible in this inflationary environment. We absorb most normal flat packing charges.

Remember IPhotoCentral.com is compatible with any of your devices from phone to desktop computer and in between.

As I noted above, our special photo exhibits have seen a lot of additions and changes, so it's a great time to check them out here: https://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase.php/16/0/0. Besides all the photos for sale, there is usually an extensive article with information about the topic or photographer.

To search for a specific photograph that is for sale on our website, just go here to put in all the various criteria to focus in on the photo that you are interested in: https://iphotocentral.com/search/search.php. You can search by price range, date of the image or print, by type of photo medium, by the country of the image or the photographer, by when the photo was added, and even a way to add keywords to your search. Just remember to click the "Search" button, NOT the "Search All Images" button, which will just bring up ALL the photographs without regard to your search (currently over 4,400 photographs available for sale).

There is even a list of photographers that you can search by here: https://iphotocentral.com/photographer/photographer.php.

You can also adjust how the search results are presented at the top of the page with the "Sort By" drop-down button after you've done a search. Search from high to low price; low to high price; by photographer last name from A-Z or the opposite from Z-A. Or you can search by Newest or Oldest Additions.

And if you really haven't gone to IPhotoCentral.com, you don't know what you are missing. First, all the past E-Photo Newsletters (currently 256 issues) are there at: https://www.iphotocentral.com/news/archive.php, and they are all searchable too. Literally thousands of pages of information on the photography market are available.

There is also a very easy to use and extensive Calendar of International Photography Events that is searchable by type of event, city, country and date. And you can find it here on your computer or phone: https://www.iphotocentral.com/calendar/calendar.php, so you can plan your trips and coordinate with a gallery or museum show. There are well over 750 events currently listed on our website.

There are also numerous in-depth articles to help you as a collector (or a curator, dealer, etc.) under the drop-down tab "Collecting", which you can find here: https://www.iphotocentral.com/collecting/collecting.php. Articles on photography insurance, appraisals, suggested books for your photo book library, how to determine the age of a photograph, buying and selling photographs, etc. There are even two sections on restaurants in Paris and London.

Then there is even a page devoted to helpful photography collecting links: https://www.iphotocentral.com/links/links.php#11.

Be sure to come and visit soon!

Novak has over 48 years experience in the photography-collecting arena. He is a long-time member and formally board member of the Daguerreian Society, and, when it was still functioning, he was a member of the American Photographic Historical Society (APHS). He organized the 2016 19th-century Photography Show and Conference for the Daguerreian Society. He is also a long-time member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers, or AIPAD. Novak has been a member of the board of the nonprofit Photo Review, which publishes both the Photo Review and the Photograph Collector, and is currently on the Photo Review's advisory board. He was a founding member of the Getty Museum Photography Council. He is author of French 19th-Century Master Photographers: Life into Art.

Novak has had photography articles and columns published in several newspapers, the American Photographic Historical Society newsletter, the Photograph Collector and the Daguerreian Society newsletter. He writes and publishes the E-Photo Newsletter, the largest circulation newsletter in the field. Novak is also president and owner of Contemporary Works/Vintage Works, a private photography dealer, which sells by appointment and has sold at exhibit shows, such as AIPAD New York and Miami, Art Chicago, Classic Photography LA, Photo LA, Paris Photo, The 19th-century Photography Show, Art Miami, etc.