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Two original glass-covered passe-partouts, each having a board mount with three window frames. The frames, within ruled rectangles, have gilded inner borders, each showing a carte-de-visite. The cdv's have been mounted against a paper backing, so the backmark can not be seen, but the pillar and curtain and other studio props identify the maker as A. A. E. Disderi. The wealthy amateurs Count Olympe Aguado and Edouard Delessert produced small photographs that they used as calling cards. An 1854 article stated: "An original idea gave M. Edouard Delessert and Count Aguado the opportunity to make some delicious small portraits. Until now, calling cards have carried the name, address, and sometimes titles of the people they represented. Why not replace the name with a portrait?" [Quoted in McCauley, "A.A. E. Disderi and the Carte de Visite Portrait Photograph."] Disderi realized the commercial possibilities of this format, patented it and made it the mainstay of his studio output. He is known to have made portraits of Aguado [McCauley p. 44], who himself produced cdvs, sometimes in association with Gustave Le Gray. The six cdv's include portraits of Olympe, his brother Onesime and his mother, the Marquise de la Marismas. There are also three portraits of friends of the family. One gentleman may be Henry MacDonell, Aguado's brother-in-law. The other two have not yet been identified, although one looks a great deal like Henri Le Secq. The cdv's are in clean, undamaged condition, a few slightly light but clear. The paper tape is fraying.

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Group of Six Cdvs of the Aguado Family and Friends
Group of Six Cdvs of the Aguado Family and Friends
Andre Adolphe-Eugene Disderi Group of Six Cdvs of the Aguado Family and Friends

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Group of Six Cdvs of the Aguado Family and Friends
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Medium Albumen carte-de-visite

Mount on original mount

Photo Date 1859c  Print Date 1859c

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Photo Country France

Photographer Country France


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