E-Photo Newsletter #242

by Michael Diemar

The Fourth Edition of Photo London: Good Education Programs, Sprawling, Confusing Fair Layout and Mixed Exhibitor Results

"Photo London is growing", declared Michael Benson and Fariba Farshad of Candlestar as the fourth edition of Photo London opened at Somerset House. There was a record number of exhibitors this year, just over 100 galleries and dealers, plus book publishers. In addition to the historical building, with east and west wings,…

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Entrance to the photo london pavilion in the courtyard. (Photo by Michael Diemar)

E-Photo Newsletter #241

by Alex Novak

Group of Reportedly Altered Daguerreotypes with Dubious Signatures, etc. Appears on Market and Includes Daguerre, Le Gray, the Bisson Frerer and Th. Jacobi

A number of daguerreotypes with reportedly fraudulent signatures, labels, wax seals, etc. have been recently discovered on the market. Their source appears to have come from Poland and/or East Germany, according to major photo collector/investor Michael Mattis and other European dealers and collectors. Several items were offered for sale on Polish and…

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Front of a daguerreotype claiming to be by Gustave Le Gray withdrawn from the recent Swann Gallery Photographs Auction.

E-Photo Newsletter #240

by Matt Damsker

AIPAD'S 2018 New York Photography Show: Woke, World-spanning Wonder on Pier 94

In the art world, more is often more–bigger scale, bolder ambition and boffo prices to match–but this year's AIPAD exhibition proved that the familiar less-is-more dictum still holds true to a fair degree. Held for the second year at New York's sprawling Pier 94 space on April 5-8, The New York…

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AIPAD 2018: An overview of the show. (Photo by Julienne Schaer)